• Termination
    We route and deliver carrier grade SIP terminations.
    To fixed and mobile destinations throughout the world.
    Our highly competitive rates and relentless attention to customer service.
    24/7 Support Available
  • DID
    Direct Inward Dial Telephone
    Numbers allow customers to extend the international
    You Can Contact Us by Phone or Email
    24/7 Support Staff Available
  • Toll Free Origination
    Toll Free Origination services provide your business
    Access to number in the US and other countries
    HTG origination services provide
    24/7 Support Staff Available

Simply incomparable performance.

High Performance

Horizon Technology Group offers superior grade domestic and international SIP termination, toll-free origination and termination, and calling card services to carriers and enterprise customers.

Reliable Hardware

Horizon Technology Group is a Florida based company with IP Switch-based independent carrier. We offer high quality networks, reliable platforms and opportune services.

Voice Termination

Our network is built to suit the demanding needs of our customers. By offering high-quality voice termination we are able to custom manage route quality rates.